Raising a Reader, Naturally
                     Through Sensitivity, Guidance and Grace
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Most of us barely remember how we learned to read. We were very little and the process, understandably, was gradual. So how do you begin now that you are faced with raising your own reader?
This book Raising a Reader, Naturally, guides you through the process, right from birth, in a natural, pleasant and reassuring way. It guides you through the “how,” and helps you understand the “why." It explains how a child, or anyone for that matter, processes information as they learn to read. Reading, or learning to read, is, after all, a brain activity. While we all know that reading to a child is important, there is much more to consider, to understand

Whether you are a new parent, a parent struggling with a reluctant reader, a tutor or caregiver, most of what you need to know is right here. The rest is up to you.

Raising a Reader, Naturally, is free.

Please take the opportunity to read the
entire book right here, as you undertake
your journey to raise your own
successful, and wonderful, big or little reader. 
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A Fortunate Child
If you had a mother or father, or grandparent, or care-giver that carried on “conversations” with you when you were still gooing and cooing then you were a most fortunate child. And if you had someone who held you close and read stories and poems to you even from your earliest hours or days, you were even more fortunate.
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              Chapter One
                  New Partners in
              in Literacy and Love
Soon after Alysia was born, Alysia’s mother returned to school to complete her long interrupted education. A single mom left to raise four children she found herself with little time left in the day to nurture the intellectual needs of her infant daughter.
                           Chapter Two
                   Who's Listening?
Marcus and Adam
Waiting for the train, I noticed a family entertaining their young child by letting him explore the steps and flowerbeds near the Amtrak terminal. Watching him, I was curious as to know how old he was as his vocabulary seemed to be so limited – “Up. Down,” he’d say, but only at his father’s prompting.
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  Chapter Three
Alexis, although a bright first-grader, struggled to read even the simplest words. Alexis’s tutor, concerned about Alexis’ poor reading skills, came to me for help. Her tutor explained that Alexis and her brothers and sisters had recently been removed from their home by ...
     Chapter Four
    Reading to Baby
More Than a Bedtime Story
Every early and successful reader has a history of being read to. In addition to holding “conversations” with their most important partner, listening while the senior partner reads to them is essential if a little partner is to become a reading success.
Chapter Five
Early Books,
Stories and
"And a little child shall lead them"
Somewhere in time before we thought about using a first-grade teacher’s services to teach our children, or even long before we learned about the adventures of Dick and Jane, in log cabins and sod homes sprinkled across this country --
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   Chapter Six

How Baby Learns
Family Interests
Not long ago, I came upon a family who was spending an afternoon at the Seattle Art Museum. They happened to catch my attention initially because of their appearance. Attired in clothing somewhere ...
       Chapter Seven
       Little Partner's
      Learning Pace
When to Giddy-Up and Whoa
Today, most of us look upon children as eager and primed to learn. But it has not always been that way. Well into the 50's, 60's and even the 70's, parents listened to child-raising experts like Jean Piaget, Dr. Benjamin Spock and Sigmund Freud.
      Chapter Eight
      Baby's Active
     Reading Time
Incubating a Little Reader: Cracking the Shell
Well, exactly just how do you raise or incubate an early reader? Initially, when your infant was very little, you created a shell: a protective environment where baby could ...
 Chapter Nine
Baby Bats and Who Done It?
A Cautionary Tale
While much as been made of teaching children to read by concentrating almost exclusively on phonics (teaching letter sounds or words in isolation), I believe this approach is fraught with peril.
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  Chapter Ten
Learning Letter
  Word Skills --
Little Red-Headed Boy
Late in the school year, I observed a kindergarten class going though their phonics drill -- in chorus. When the lesson concluded, the teacher directed the students to go back to their desks ...
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Chapter Eleven
Accomplished "Writers"
On the way to becoming successful readers, little partners soon begin to think of themselves as accomplished readers and writers, often insisting on “reading it myself,” or wanting to “write it on my own.”
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Chapter Twelve
eBooks and
Reading Software
Mom, Dad, Aunt Sue, Uncle Nick, and everyone’s grandparents or caring tutors can sit close to you, talk to you about new ideas or share a thought or two, or even share a laugh ...
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 The Big Library:
Helping Partners Grow
You are Invited...
Before two diligent and dedicated reading partners know it, a new and much larger world opens before them. Of course, the world was never meant to be little....
 Reading Instruction!
The Reading Group
Mrs. Roe asked me to take her first-grade reading group through their reading assignment, Amelia Bedelia Helps Out, a story by Peggy Parish. She instructed me to follow the teacher’s guide...