Raising a Reader, Naturally
                     Through Sensitivity, Guidance and Grace
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About Me
Deborah J Reis
Raising A Reader, Naturally
Deborah J Reis is the mother of four excellent readers and seven grandchildren who also grew to become wonderful readers.
While this is important, Deborah also spent her teaching career as a reading specialist in elementary schools, high schools, community colleges and at Northeastern Illinois University, as well as a reading and writing consultant to home-school parents and students.
Most notably she has worked as a reading consultant to the Chicago Public Schools and as Reading Coordinator/Consultant to the Partners In Education tutoring program, each year working with and advising 500 inner-city students and their tutors at Chicago’s Fourth Presbyterian Church.
Deborah earned her Master’s Degree in Education, Reading Specialist, from Eastern Washington University. Deborah is now retired and lives and writes on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.
Deborah can be reached at raisingareader@yahoo.com  and is always happy to answer your questions.