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Finger Reading -- Conor

Deborah Reis

Finger Reading -- Conor
Tuesday, October 06, 2015

 Finger Reading  -- Conor

I adore Conor. By four-years-old he was an exceptional reader. When he was only three he could read children’s books with ease. At four he read magazines and newspapers, sounding out words with a great deal of skill whether he understood their meaning or not. He went on to read The American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook, “Dad, did you know a baby’s esophagus is as little as my finger?”

Conor’s reading skills, even at such a young age, were not surprising. Conor’s early proficiency in reading was a natural outcome of his parent’s tutelage. From the time Conor opened his eyes on his first day on earth, his father held him in his arms and read to him. By the time Conor was old enough to sit up comfortably in his father’s lap, his father pointed to each word as he read aloud. As a toddler, Conor used his own finger to follow the text. Soon Conor began each reading session by wiggling his fingers in the air and announcing, “I’m getting ready to read!”

A Fortunate Child, Indeed

Conor could well be considered an exceptional child, but nevertheless he could not have learned to read at such an early age or attained his exceptional verbal skills on his own. His parents, his senior partners in literacy who committed themselves to the early intellectual development and growth of their child, deserve the credit for his success. Without them Conor’s exceptional abilities would not have been possible. Conor is a fortunate child indeed.

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